Gym Cleaner

Gym Cleaner was born out of a necessity to bring Gym Owners a way to clean their gym's without bringing harsh toxic chemicals to their training environment such as equipment and sports floors. At every level the smallest change or detox of chemicals can help make a world of difference when performing physical activity allowing the body to function at its optimum level rather than fighting nasty toxins. VOC

Developed by the Team at Zebra Athletics Australia working with an extensive group of athletes, MMA Centers and a clever little scientist we have been able to achieve the worlds first range of Organic and Natural cleaning products for Gymnasiums, Yoga Studios and Martial Arts centers alike.

Starting off with our Organic Floor Cleaner specifically designed for MMA and Martial Art Training Centers, Yoga and Pilates Studios to the traditional Gymnasium. This Organic Floor Cleaner is so versatile its also capable of cleaning and sanitising all hard surfaces such as Floors, Glass, Bench and Counter Tops and even Gym Equipment. The best thing about the Gym Cleaner Organic Floor Cleaner is that it will not harm or corrode any surface.

    '100% Safe for Athletes, Made from Organic and Natural Ingredients, No Nasty Chemicals found here.'

We then looked at how we could stop or minimise germs entering a gym. We can all control how we clean but we cant control what walks in. We found that the best way is to control germs in the correct places such as at the front counter upon entering, in bathrooms, change rooms and washroom by simply placing our Organic Hand Sanitisers in these strategic locations. We noticed an increase in member behavior and their willingness to use our Organic Hand Sanitiser. Unlike some sanitisers our Organic Hand Sanitiser is quick to dry allowing members to get on with their workout as well as also helping reduce water consumption as its a non-rinse sanitiser not requiring any water or need to rinse off.

    'If the germs and bugs aren't paying membership, they don't belong in you gym.'

Last but not least is our Natural Hand Cleaner. This is made using 100% natural ingredients found in plants and vegetables. It is so tough on dirt and grime, yet gentle on your hands and skin making it one of the best natural hand cleaners for you, your members and your gym.

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