Unravelling the Benefits of Finger Tape in Judo and BJJ: A Comprehensive Guide

Author: Grappling Store   Date Posted:17 November 2023 

Sponsored Athlete Thiago Ortiz using GRPL Tec Finger Tape


The Grappling arts demand precision, strength, and resilience. Among the many elements that contribute to success on the mats, the health and protection of your fingers are paramount. In the world of Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), where grips and control are crucial, finger tape emerges as a silent hero. Let's dive into the benefits of using finger tape and explore how to apply it effectively to enhance your grappling experience. Finger Tapes normally come in 6mm -10mm with 8mm being the optimal width to cover all finger joints and parts of the hand.

Benefits of Finger Tape in Martial Arts and Other Sports:

  • Injury Prevention: Finger tape acts as a protective barrier, reducing the risk of hyperextension and sprains during intense gripping and grappling. This preventive measure is particularly essential in Judo and BJJ, where the hands are subjected to considerable stress.
  • Joint Stability: Taping provides additional support to the finger joints, enhancing stability. This is especially beneficial when executing throws in Judo or defending against powerful grips in BJJ. Increased joint stability contributes to better overall hand function.
  • Enhanced Grip Strength: By reinforcing the fingers, the tape can improve grip strength. A secure grip is a game-changer in grappling sports, enabling better control over opponents and a more effective execution of techniques.
  • Aid in Recovery: For athletes with existing finger injuries, tape can facilitate a quicker and more secure recovery. It enables them to continue training while minimizing the risk of aggravating existing issues.

How to Apply Finger Tape for Grappling:

Step 1: Gather Your Materials: Get some high-quality sports finger tape, we recommend the GRPL Tec 4 Pack Finger Tape, and scissors, but don't worry, the GRPL Tec finger tape can easily be cut by hand and, optionally, pre-wrap. Choose a tape width that suits your preferences and provides adequate support.

Step 2: Prepare Your Fingers: Ensure your fingers are clean and dry before applying tape. If preferred, use pre-wrap as a base layer for added comfort and to protect your skin.

Step 3: Start at the Base: Begin taping at the base of your finger, wrapping the tape around the joint in a spiral motion. Make sure not to wrap too tightly to maintain proper blood circulation.

Step 4: Cover the Joints: Continue wrapping, and covering each joint while allowing for a comfortable range of motion. Pay special attention to areas prone to stress during grappling.

Step 5: Secure the Ends: Finish the taping by securing the ends with a gentle press. Avoid wrapping the tape too close to the fingertips to maintain tactile sensitivity.

Step 6: Test Your Range of Motion: After taping, test your fingers' range of motion to ensure flexibility and comfort. Adjust the tape if needed.


Thiago Ortiz applying Sports Finger Tape at Pan Pacific Championship 2023


Taping Individual Fingers:

  • Specific Support: Taping individual fingers allows for targeted support. Each finger can be taped according to its unique needs, offering customized reinforcement to areas that may be prone to injury or stress during grappling.
  • Flexibility: Taping individual fingers provides greater flexibility and a more natural range of motion. This is crucial in sports that require precise movements and intricate grips, such as Judo and BJJ. Athletes can maintain dexterity while still benefiting from the added support.
  • Injury Prevention: The ability to address each finger independently allows for a more comprehensive approach to injury prevention. Athletes can tailor the tape application to areas that are susceptible to hyperextension, sprains, or other injuries, reducing the risk of specific finger-related issues.

Taping Two Fingers Together:

  • Joint Stability: Taping two fingers together is often done to enhance joint stability, especially if one of the fingers is injured or needs additional support. This method creates a collective force, providing mutual reinforcement and minimizing movement between the taped fingers.
  • Reduced Strain: Taping adjacent fingers together distributes the load and stress between them. This can be beneficial when one finger is injured, as it reduces the strain on the affected finger while still allowing for functional use of the hand.
  • Easier Application: Taping two fingers together can be simpler and quicker than individually taping each finger. This may be advantageous in situations where time is limited, and athletes need a fast solution for added support.


Finger tape is a small investment with significant returns in the world of grappling sports. Its benefits extend beyond injury prevention to include enhanced stability, grip strength, and support for recovery. By mastering the art of finger taping, Martial Arts practitioners can elevate their performance and ensure longevity in their grappling journey. Prioritise your hand health, and let the tape be your ally on the mats. For the best deal on Sports Finger Tape, look no further than the GRPL Tec 4 Pack Finger Tape. With an exclusive buy 1 get 1 free you can double your finger tape at no extra charge. Available in White or Black 4-pack finger tape tin to throw in your sports bag.

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