Kodokan Nage No Kata DVD

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Kodokan Nage No Kata DVD

Kodokan Nage No Kata DVD

The Nage-no-Kata were established to help understanding the theoretical basis of judo and learn the processes involved in "Kuzushi", "Tsukuri", "Kake" in other words, how to assume the correct position for applying a throwing, techniques once you've broken your opponent's balance and how to apply and complete a technique. The Kata consist of 15 representative throwing techniques, three from each of the following five categories; Te-waza, Koshi-waza, Ashi-waza, Masutemi-waza and Yokosutemi-waza.

Each technique is executed from both sides. This video explains the main points of the 15 techniques together with Some of the common mistakes. It also includes historic footage dating back to 1930, of a demonstration of the Nage-no-Kata by Shuichi Nagaoka, 10th dan, a judo master known especially for his Uki-waza. There's also a demonstration taken from the 1996 All Japan Judo Championship. Te-waza Uki-otoshi, Seoi-nage, Kata-guruma Koshi-waza Uki-goshi, Harai-goshi, Tsurikomi-goshi Ashi-waza Okuri-ashibarai, Sasae-tsurikomi-ashi, Uchimata Masutemi-waza Tomoe-nage, Ura-nage, Sumi-otoshi Yokosutemi-waza Yoko-gake, Yoko-guruma, Uki-waza.


Format: DVD
Version: PAL
Languages: English
Region: Multi Zone
Length: 44 Minutes
Release Date: 2006

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