Kodokan Kime No Kata DVD

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Kodokan Kime No Kata DVD

Kodokan Kime No Kata DVD

The Kime-no-Kata was created around in 1888 to study how to attack and defence. However, with the change in lifestyles, it became necessary to come up with a new set of kata more suited to the times. Therefore, in 1956, the Kodokan established Goshin Jutsu, a set of 21 self defense techniques, which are divided into two categories Toshu or Against Unarmed Attack and Buki - Against Armed Attack.

Besides providing a demonstration of and commentary on the correct forms of each technique, this video also provides a precise explanation of the main points. TOSHU (Against Unarmed Attack) I. When hold 1. Ryote-dori 2. Hidari-eri-dori 3. Migi-eri-dori 4. Kataude-dori 5. Ushiro-eri-dori 6. Ushiro-jime 7. Kakae-dori II. At a Distance 1. Naname-chi 2. Ago-tsuki 3. Gammen-tsuki 4. Mae-geri 5. Yoko-geri BUKI (Against Armed Attack) I. Dagger 1. Tsukkake 2. Choku-tsuki 3. Naname-tsuki II. Stick 1. Furiage 2. Furioroshi 3. Morote-tsuki III. Pistol 1. Shomen-zuke 2. Koshi-gamae 3. Haimen-zuke.


Format:        DVD
Version:        PAL
Languages:    English
Region:        Multi Zone
Length:        53 Minutes
Release Date:    2006

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