Judo Unleashed Book by Neil Ohlenkamp

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Judo Unleashed Book by Neil Ohlenkamp

Judo Unleashed Book by Neil Ohlenkamp

In Judo Unleashed, master coach Neil Ohlenkamp brings together the form, practice, and grace of this venerable sport in an all-inclusive handbook. From philosophical and technical foundations through advanced grappling and self-defence techniques, this authoritative guide, with 350 colour photos, covers all the bases you need to refine your technique and gain a deeper understanding of this increasingly popular martial art.



In the first part the reader comes to better understand what Judo is, how to go about learning it, how it works in self defence and as an Olympic sport, and how Judo develops character. The challenge of Judo, and the meaning of Judo's highest principles are examined and clearly explained.

In part two and three, key points, footwork diagrams, and step-by-step photos accompany each of the basic techniques and variations that are included for all of the techniques of Kodokan Judo. The principles of throwing are thoroughly explored, including demonstrations of all 67 throws recognized by the Kodokan, and more than 50 grappling techniques are shown on the ground with pins, chokes, and arm locks.

Each chapter provides the details that will help the serious student understand Judo better. For example, a special chapter describes the principles of fighting in a standing position with a comprehensive discussion of important elements like gripping (Kumikata), posture (Shisei), movement (Tai Sabaki and Shintai), unbalancing (Kuzushi), fitting in (Tsukuri), application (Kake), combination techniques (Renraku Waza), counter techniques (Kaeshi Waza), and attack initiative (Sen).

Even the appendix contains valuable information including techniques recognized by the Kodokan compared to techniques recognized by the International Judo Federation, a variety of combination and counter techniques (Kaeshi and Renraku Waza) for every situation, formal techniques (Kata), a guide to tournament rules and scoring, current competition penalties and prohibited acts, and sources for further information.


Format:        Softcover
Languages:    English
Length:        160 pages
Released:     2006
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