29 Ne-Waza Techniques of Kodokan Judo

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29 Ne-Waza Techniques of Kodokan Judo

29 Ne-Waza Techniques of Kodokan Judo

This video uses full motion, slow motion, and computer graphics to articulate and show the fine details of each technique.


Chapters include:

Kansetsu waza (Arm locking techniques)
- Ude garami
- Ude hishigi ashi gatame
- Ude hishigi hara gatame
- Ude hishigi hiza gatame
- Ude hishigi juji gatame
- Ude hishigi sankaku gatame
- Ude hishigi te gatame
- Ude hishigi ude gatame
- Ude hishigi waki gatame
- Ashi garami - illegal variation

Shime waza (Choking techniques)
- Gyaku juji jime
- Hadaka jime
- Kata ha jime
- Kata juji jime
- Kata te jime
- Nami juji jime
- Okuri eri jime
- Ryo te jime
- Sankaku jime
- Sode guruma jime
- Tsukomi Jime
- Do jime (illegal variation)
- Hadaka jime (illegal variation)
- Sankaku jime (illegal variation)

Osae komi waza (Pinning techniques)
- Kami shiho gatame
- Kata gatame
- Kesa gatame
- Kuzure kami shiho gatame
- Kuzure kesa gatame
- Tate shiho gatame
- Yoko shiho gatame

Going beyond demonstrating the technique, this DVD contains live tournament examples of the techniques performed by famous judoka such as Anton Geesink, Ninomiya, VanderGeest, Ueno, Lebrun, as well as the authors, VanHelder, and Miller.

Format:                  DVD
Version:                  NTSC
Languages:              English
Region:                   Multi Zone
Length:                   80 Minutes
Release Date:          2005
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